About Southern Charm


By Abbey Cone

If someone were to ask me, “What does southern charm mean to you?” I think I’d say it’s the little things. The little gestures that make you feel a tingle inside.

It’s little things like opening up the truck door, shaking hands with your dad and saying “how ya doin’ sir?” asking permission from your parents (dad in particular) if he can date you before he actually asks, little crooked smiles, just things that have such a simplicity and innocence to them that they make your heart flutter a little bit.

Things like that are the inspirations behind the song Southern Charm. I guess I was just at a point in my life where I was really taking notice to the little things, and how they play such a beautiful roll in life.

Having grown up in a southern family, it’s always been one of those little things on my invisible “must have” list of life to have a guy that treats me like my dad treats my mom. To have someone that if I’m walking on a side walk he won’t let me walk on the side nearest the road, and switches places with me like my dad does to my mom.

So, now that I think back on it, there may or may not have been a certain guy in my life at the time that could have had something to do with the writing of this song, but more than that, it’s just the idea and the dream of having endless little things.

Having that one door opener, that charms your socks off every once in a while, the southern way.

Thanks for reading!

Peace & blessings, y’all!



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