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Recording in Nashville

By Abbey Cone

Abbey Cone recording at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.  http://abbeycone.com/recording-in-nashville/Well, I’ve been back and forth from Nashville for the past couple of weeks and it has for sure been eventful. From co-writes to recording, I’m pretty much asleep while writing this, but I felt as though it was necessary to share a little somethin’ somethin’.

One trip in particular was pretty significant to me, considering I recorded in Nashville for the very first time. I’ve always recorded in Texas in our little home studio, but I guess we finally made the leap to be all fancy and what not and lay down some tracks in Nashville.

I had the honor of recording at Blackbird Studios and it was an incredible experience filled with incredible producer, engineer and musicians.

It was definitely a long day. We started at about 9 and didn’t walk out of the studio until about 7, but it was well worth it.

When I mentioned incredible musicians earlier, I wasn’t exaggerating. I had the complete privilege of working with JT Corenflos, Paul Franklin and Dave Pomeroy.

It was amazing to see how creative the atmosphere becomes in a studio setting. It’s sort of addicting actually, especially with such creative minded people. I love being in the studio and being able to watch each step of making something beautiful.Abbey Cone recording at Blackbird Studio doing a vocal mic shootout to test which microphone sounds best with her voice.  http://abbeycone.com/recording-in-nashville/

I actually teared up a little bit listening to the rough mixes the day after we recorded. It was just an awesome feeling to listen back to songs that were so special to me, and that I put my whole heart into.

All in all, it was an amazing and special experience for me and I’m so humbled by being able to work along side the best of the best and do what I love.

Thanks for reading!

Peace and Blessings, y’all!



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