Fall Activities

By Abbey Cone

Picture of Abbey Cone wearing a fall outfit.  http://abbeycone.com/fall-activities/

Hey y’all!

It’s fall and that means tons of fun festive things to do! Fall is my personal favorite season, and I look forward to taking part in fall festivities all year, so I figured I’d share a few favorites!

High school football ~

Here in small town Texas, Friday night football is what we look forward to all week long. There’s nothing better than putting on your (in my case) red and black and cheering on the boys.

Pumpkin Patch ~

Whether it’s with your whole family or a date, the pumpkin patch is always a fun place to pick out your jack-o-lantern and get some cute Instagram pictures!Picture of a heart in a cup of coffee.  http://abbeycone.com/fall-activities/

Haunted houses ~

This is a great one to go with a group of good friends to hide behind when the scary guy with a fake chainsaw pops out of nowhere.

Bonfires ~

Cuddle up with your special someone, or in my case my best friend, and have talks about the small town gossip. Who you think is rockin’ those football pants, and just life in general.

Movies ~

I feel like fall is the season of the lovey dovey movies, for example, “The Best of Me” which I saw last night and let’s just say I have an emotional hang over today, but fall movies are a must.

Well, those are a handful of my favorite fall activities, hopefully y’all are enjoying October as much as I am!

Happy fall y’all!

Peace & blessings.



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