Kacey Musgraves

By Abbey Cone

I’ve always been a Kacey Musgraves fan.  I have a huge admiration for her song writing, and I love the fact that she is straightforward and isn’t afraid to say it how it is – but also keeps it classy.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to one of her shows that she called her “basically home town show” since she is a Texas native. She played the Granada Theater in Dallas, which is an awesome venue.  It’s actually an old historic movie theater, sort of similar to the Grapevine Opry, where I’ve been singing since I was 9.

Since I’m not 21, I had to have those awful giant “X’s” drawn in black sharpie on my hands that still haven’t come off completely, but it was worth it. (This is where I would say Yolo, but that’s lame, so I won’t.)

A band called John and Jacob opened for her. I hadn’t heard of them prior to the concert, but they were great. Their album came out recently, I think.

At the concert they took a break between songs to tell the crowd about the album coming out and told everyone that if they went on iTunes on their phones right then and pre-ordered their album, then they could get a free copy of it after the show. I thought that was cool how they stopped to connect with the audience.

Kacey was wonderful.  She’s straightforward and funny and I like that about her. Her actual stage set up was super cool. I’m sure if any of y’all are fans then you’ll know that she has a lot of neon and cowhide, and I thought it was rad.

Anyways, it was a fun time and I will for sure go see her again anytime she’s in the area.

I’ve made it a goal for myself to play the Granada Theater. Kacey actually said during the show that she had sat in the very top right corner and watched a Stoney LaRue and Wade Bowen show and now she’s playing it, so you never know. Maybe some day.

Thanks for reading!

Peace & blessing’s, y’all!



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