Kylie Rae Harris

Kylie Rae Harris singing with Zane Wiliams at Pickin for Preemies 2014 for Cook Children's Hospital hosted by Justin Frazell. From left: Kylie Rae Harris, Zane Williams, Courtney Patton Eady, Jason Eady, Charla Corn and William Clark Green September 1, 2014 Billy Bob's Texas

From left: Kylie Rae Harris, Zane Williams, Courtney Patton Eady, Jason Eady, Charla Corn and William Clark Green

By Abbey Cone

I formally met Kylie Rae Harris last night at Billy Bob’s at Pickin’ for Preemies, and she hands down was one of the sweetest, most genuine girls I have ever met. I’m not just kissing up right now because she might possibly read this, but she truly was a doll. She made me feel so welcome in a place that I didn’t feel the most “in place,” selflessly gave me advice and talked with me like we went way back, and I loved that.

I learned that she has a daughter, which I didn’t know before talking to her and I understand now why she has such a nurturing personality.

I can relate to the fact that Kylie has known what she wanted to do with her life since she was twelve. Her mom enrolled her in a vocal camp thinking it would “get it out of her system, little did she know it was like throwing kerosene on a fire.”

Wylie, Texas is Kylie’s home town (Kylie from Wylie..I’m funny) and it seems like through everything I’ve researched about her an old Chevy Suburban keeps coming up.

Apparently it was a love-hate relationship, because the last thing she wanted to see dragging up the curb every afternoon after school was her parent’s old suburban, “but she’ll never forget the road trips in the suburban from her family home in Wylie to the rolling East Texas hills. She loved those.”

Her step dad was the one who introduced the whole “Texas-Americana, singer/songwriter thing” to her when he’d play Radney Foster or Jerry Jeff Walker and they’d sing harmony. Throw in singer/songwriters Walt Wilkins and Patty Griffin as influences and you begin to imagine why her lyrics sound so real.

“I want my music to move people,” she says.

I can absolutely relate to that, because that is a common goal between us. So, all in all, what I really have to say is that no amount of googling could have prepared me too meet the ray of sunshine that she is.

Thanks for reading!

Peace & blessings, y’all!



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